Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day Nine and Ten: Shocking, but True!

I went to the Food Instruction Class yesterday, (Day 9), and had to weigh-in again. I was reluctant to weigh, since I had just weighed three days prior. Hold on to your hat: I lost 4 lbs. from Tuesday afternoon to Friday morning! Granted, this is likely all water weight finally letting go, but nonetheless, it's a total of 7 lbs. of water weight lost since last Thursday, that I'd still be lugging around if I hadn't enlisted the help of Metabolic Research Center. So, yes, I'm pleased with how things are going.

Interestingly, today was actually the first official day of being "on plan." The Pre-Conditioning week doesn't even count in the 17 weeks of guaranteed weight loss. Gotta say, I'm happy with what I'm seeing; much better than counting points, eating a Snickers and then starving for the rest of the day, weekly group meetings, etc.

I'm now following a very specific menu for four days, after which I will switch to another menu on Wednesday. I like both the structure of the precise menu for a set period, as well as the variety of the menus as you progress through the program. Plus, I'm eating food from home, not meals that come in the mail, so this should transition into a long-term way of eating.

I am 7 lbs. satisfied.

Sweet (or not-so-sweet) Meanderings:

Sugar is a culprit in water weight along with salt. Too much sugar raises insulin levels, which in turn lessens the body’s ability to expel sodium. 
Avoid high sugar foods and opt for fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. - 
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