Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day One: My name is Andy, and I'm addicted to sugar.

Consequently, I'm also 42-48 lbs overweight, and have been nearly all of my adult life. I have what's cutely known as a "Sugar Tooth", but a lifetime of losing and gaining weight ain't all that cute. It could be partially blamed on genetics, and the fact I was punishingly trained to clean my plate as a kid, but that aside, think about the affinity we have for sugar as soon as we come out of the womb. We're given milk and juice as infants, and finger food like bananas and PB&J sandwiches as toddlers. Macaroni and cheese is every kid's favorite, not to mention sugary breakfast cereals. In addition, we come from a culture that celebrates and mourns by gathering around food. From birthdays to funerals, we eat, and what's our favorite thing to eat? Dessert, bread, pasta ... sugar.

I've lived so much of my life dieting, it could be considered some kind of sick hobby. In order of the diets I can remember trying, here's the short list: grapefruit/tomato/cottage cheese diet, nutri-system, Atkins, "Fit for Life", Dr. Oz's "You On A Diet", at least one of Bob Greene's weight loss books, Weight Watchers (x 3), Jenny Craig, the Southbeach Diet, and the Paleo Diet. My apologies to the diets I tried, failed, and can't remember.

Yesterday, I plunked down the fee for 17 weeks' of expertise and support from Metabolic Research Center (MRC), where they GUARANTEE(!!!) that I'll lose 48 lbs in 17 weeks, as long as I don't stray a bite from their plan. That means by October 1st, I will weigh 150 lbs. As with any diet worth its' salt, I'm required to journal, so I figured why not share it with the world. Welcome world. Wish me luck.

Last night I over-indulged on sugar because I knew it would not be on the plan to successful weight loss. I reminded myself of a lady I once knew who had emphysema. Every time she got fired up (no pun intended), to stop smoking, she would sit in her living room the night before and chain smoke cigarettes...she probably had one in each hand and puffed the night away. So much so, in fact, that she ended up in the ER every time she tried to quit smoking. So, yes, I could have had a fork in each hand the way I put that birthday cake away... like a windmill of forks shoveling cake into my mouth. The expression, "like a fat kid eating cake" would be the appropriate visual here, but instead, I'll just share the pretty side of sugar and its' alluring presence.

Chocolate cake made with buttermilk and coffee; topped with rich chocolate ganache, 
freshly whipped cream, and sugared berries.

Today, after going 12 hours without sugar, (and seven of those hours I was sleeping!), I felt absolutely horrible! I was prepared to have the flu-like symptoms of detoxing from sugar, but to wake up and have felt so badly in such a short time was unbelievable. I was shaky, had a raging headache, nausea so bad I couldn't even eat breakfast, restlessness, agitation, anxiety, and mood swings. In my state of withdrawal and confusion to this reaction, I searched the web for more info about sugar withdrawal symptoms and was truly shocked to see articles comparing sugar addition to actual drug addiction, and likening sugar withdrawal to that of a heroine addict going through withdrawal. Seriously, it's THAT serious???

 This is the breakfast I couldn't finish because I felt so sick. The plate
is already cleared of one egg that ended up in the dog's bowl. Notice the fuzzy quality
of the photo? I guess that's called tremors in detox lingo.

It's now about 6 hours since I started this blog post, and I've napped through the nausea. I have yet to eat lunch, or even take a shower, as far as that goes. I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow being better. 

Plan on a "Debunking the Myth of Sugar" closing to my daily blogging during this 17 weeks. Today's truth about sugar is this:

A spoonful of sugar does NOT help the medicine go down.
(Ask any diabetic about that one, if you don't believe me.)


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